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Avocado Hass 700gr

Bananas 1Kg

Bean Sprouts 100gr


Broccoli per head


Brown Onions 650gr

Brussel Sprouts 300gr

Capsicum 1 x red small 1 x yellow large


Chorizo x 2 (200gr)

Cucumber Continental

Cucumbers Lebanese (pair)

Eschallots Bunch

Frederics - Goat milk with Ash 110gr

Free Range Pork, Preservative Free HOT 250gr

Free Range Pork, Preservative Free HOT 500gr

Free Range Pork, Preservative Free mild 250gr

Free Range Pork, Preservative Free MILD 500gr

Grape Tomatoes - 250 gr

Kiwi Punnet

Leeks (large)

Lemons x3 large

Limes 400gr

Mandarins 750gr

Mini Cucumbers 250gr

Mushrooms Cups 250gr spray free

Navel Oranges KG

Onions Red 500gr

Orange Candy Melon

Organic Avocados (hass) Beerwah, QLD) 700gr

Organic Beans (machine picked) 200gr

Organic Broccoli

Organic Capsicum mixed colours per 200gr

Organic Carrots 1 kg

Organic Cauliflower

Organic cherry Tomatoes - 250 gr

Organic Garlic 100g

Organic Kale

Organic Leeks

Organic Potatoes (Dutch Cream) KG

Organic Potatoes sebago KG

Organic Spinach (120gr)

Organic Sweet Potato - Gold kg

Organic Zucchini - (pair)

Passionfruit 400gr

Pear Packham x 2 or 3

Pips Real crunch Brazil Nut Spice (vegan)

Pips Real Crunch Cacao & Hazelnut (vegan)

Pips real crunch Chai, Fig & Cashew

Pips Real Crunch Honey & Macadamia

Pips Real Crunch Pecan & Maple (vegan)

Potatoes (small red washed) 750gr

Potatoes brushed KG

Prosciutto 100gr

Pure Pork Salami Extra Hot 500gr

Riverine Buffalo Milk Blue Cheese

Rocket 120gr


Ruby Grapefruit large

Salami with Prosciutto & Pistachio 750gr

Sauccisson (French style salami) -HOT

Small White Washed chats 750gr

Snow Peas 150gr

Spinach (120gr)

Sugar snaps 150Gr

Sweet Potato - Gold kg

sweet snacking Capsicum 3 for $2

Tarwin Blue - strong creamy Blue

Woombye 22 mth Matured Vintage Cheddar

Woombye Ash Brie

Woombye Camembert

Woombye Triple Cream Brie

Woombye Truffle Triple Cream Brie

Woombye Washed Rind

Zucchini x2

Asparagus medium bunch

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